Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's been a long time...

Well, it's June and this is my first post since the end of last year. I've been extra busy this year with the kids getting older, teaching at the trade school, and work. Well, two of those things are no longer problems; I got a new job with a better schedule and light workload (with more money, though) and I have quit teaching at the trade school. Now I have more time to paint and I intend on taking advantage of that.

I have quite a few things on the work bench now, all in various stages of completion.

This Cadre Fireblade was a blast to paint. This was the first tau I have painted and I really enjoyed it. I went with a classic tau color scheme since it was my first crack at it. There are some small details left and a base needed and he will be complete.

This is Lias Issodon "The Grim", Chapter Master of the Raptors space marines. He is made from a metal Master of Recruits with a simple head swap. I don't remember where I picked that head up from, but I thought it worked perfectly on this fellow since his nickname is "The Grim."

The owner of my local hobby shop has mention to me a few months ago that he was having another painting contest this summer and I hope he has a single figure category because I would love to enter one of both of these minis in it. I also have a couple tyranids and space marine vehicles that I am working on that I hope will also be entered in said contest. Failing that, I have considered entering something in NOVA Open this summer as well.

We also have a new addition to our family... Tinkerbell!
She was found by a friend of my cousin and I could help but welcome her into our house (my wife might have had something to do with convincing me as well...). She is our first ever girl cat and is only around three months old. The older cats don't really like have the kids harass them, so we figured having a young kitten grow up with them would be nice. My older daughter originally named her Peter Pan because we thought she was boy when she first came to live in our house, but one trip to the vet later, she had been give a new name... Tink!