Friday, June 25, 2021

Visiting an Old Friend

 Almost four and a half years ago, I completed my first 1/35 scale AFV model, Takom's fantastic Medium Mark A Whippet. As explained in my first WIP post on this kit, I'm a huge fan of First World War armor and after being inspired by Andy Moore's build of this kit on The Modelling News, I had to build it. Considering where I was in my modeling journey, I think it was a pretty solid effort. Prior to this, all of my modeling experience had been limited to Warhammer miniatures and Fine Molds and Bandai Star Wars models. I even took it to my IMPS chapter's annual model show where I believe it placed second in the 1/35 armor (WWII and earlier) category, for what that's worth.

Now having let the model sit in my display case these last four years, I decided to take back down to the bench and apply what I've learned these last few years to up the finish on this otherwise perfectly serviceable model.

The steps taken were pretty simple and involved a couple techniques that I have learned in the last few years. First up, I enhanced the mud texture in the mud chutes under the track by both building up the volume and adding a couple of more tones using a few of Ammo of Mig enamels. To increase visual interest on the modulated surfaces, I mixed a light green and highlighted all of the rivets and then went over the all of the hull with an olive green enamel filter. Using the same enamel mud effects that I used in the mud chutes, I added more textures on the track sponsons, both streaking it down from where it would collect on the top and speckling it on across the bottom. I also refined some of the pin washes on the fighting compartment and finally, I rubbed some gunmetal pigment on corners and any edge that I thought would receive wear and tear.

In all, it was pretty fun to go back and revisit the first tank that I ever built. I also discovered that the idea of revisiting builds was quite contentious in a lot of modeling circles; I asked for feedback on what to do in the Scale Modeler's Critique Group on Facebook and most responses were some variation of not doing what I wanted to do for a number of reasons. The most common response was a variation on the idea that it was important to keep older work the way it was when you finished it to serve as some kind of "bookmark" on where you were in your modeling journey. Frankly, I find that to be bullshit, to put it bluntly. I most definitely subscribe to the theory that art is never finished, just abandoned and I don't need a physical reminder of where I was in the past. Most importantly, having the success I had on this Whippet has me wanting to do this on some of my other old builds!

Monday, April 19, 2021

WIP: Arrostias, Myphitic Blight-Hauler


I spent the past weekend working on this Myphitic Blight-hauler for my burgeoning Death Guard army. I think the armor is where I want it to be with regards to weathering and now I just need to finish the base. I tried to strike a balance between a high level of finish and expediency since I have lots of other models in this army left to paint.

Monday, April 5, 2021

WIP: Ryefield Models T-34/85, Part IV


The first round of light colored chipping with a mix of Vallejo paints is done! I also painted the turret markings by hand instead of using the decals or masking and spraying them. This was done to better mimic how the markings were actually applied by the crews. 

Next up is the dark steel chipping that will have to be applied by brush and then I begin the real weathering.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

WIP: Ryefield Models T-34/85, Part III


My initial attempt at two-tone camouflage was an unmitigated disaster, but instead of stripping the whole thing down, I just re-primed everything with black (except for the tracks and road wheels). From there, I went back with MRP 4BO Green as a basecoat, painted grime/shadows with a mix of Tamiya Flat Brown and Flat Black, and then worked in highlights by mixing ever-increasing amounts of AK Real Color 4BO (which is much too desaturated and nowhere close to the real thing) into some MRP 4BO. After that, I highlighted some details with Lifecolor Faded Olive Drab and a fine paintbrush. 

Up next is the turret markings, which I'm probably going to attempt to hand paint instead of using the kit decals.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

WIP: Ryefield Models T-34/85, Part II


What a goddam roller coaster I’ve been on with this model over the last couple days.

I finally got around to priming the model, but for some dumb reason I decided to use an AK spray primer I had laying around because I was too lazy to turn my airbrush compressor on. Unfortunately, it appeared to have crazed the plastic, especially on the turret roof. Why I was debating on whether or not to strip it, I spilled a huge blob of MRP 4BO on the turret due to sheer clumsiness. That pretty much sealed the deal as far as stripping it goes, so off into SuperClean it went!

This afternoon, I pulled it out and scrubbed the paint off as best I could before sanding the shit out of the roof and then giving it a couple coats of Mr Surfacer 500. It’s not perfect by a damn stretch, but it’ll do because I want to move on with the build. I finished up by giving everything a healthy coat of MRP 4BO Green, probably the best out-of-the-bottle 4BO available.

In poking around the internet, I found an interesting camouflage scheme on a T-34/85 that features a base of 4BO with a pale greenish disruptive color over it. My friend and co-host Scott had the idea of using AK Real Colors “4BO” to serve as that color and my initial test shows that it seems to fit the bill quite nicely!