Monday, March 30, 2015

Showcase: Blue Squadron B-wings

These Blue Squadron B-wings were painted for a fellow member of NOVA Squadron. This was a full repaint but I didn't strip the existing paint because I don't find it necessary. I primed the model with Tamiya Surface Primer and then gave it a basecoat of Tamiya Flat White (XF-1) and Medium Grey (XF-20) mixed 1:1. The blue was achieved by basecoating with RMS Ultramarine Blue, highlighting with RMS Ultramarine Highlight, and then giving it a final highlight of RMS Ultramarine Highlight and VMA Light Sea Blue mixed 1:1. I used various greys for all of the other details before giving the models a coat of Future in preparation for a wash. I used MIG Productions Neutral Wash which is an enamel wash. Enamel washes work a lot like oil washes but the drying time is much faster and when it is dry, it can be wiped away like an oil wash. I also added some streaking with AK Interactive Streaking Grime and Rust Streaks (also enamels). After that had dried, I used some 502 Abteilung oil paint to discolor various panels... the result was pretty subtle and didn't photograph well. After everything was dry, I sealed it all in with some matte varnish. For the engines, I first sprayed the nozzles with VMA White and then sprayed a coat of Magenta Ghost Tint from the Miniatire range. The client was very pleased with them and is looking forward to putting them on the table in the upcoming Regionals!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Showcase: Space Wolves Grey Hunters

These are some Grey Hunters that are part of small Space Wolves commission for a client. Nothing too special about them, save for the pack leader with the thunder hammer; he has a standard that is attached with a magnet on his backpack but I forgot to put it on when I shot the pictures. I may end up re-shooting the pictures anyway because I'm not happy with how they turned out. The client was thrilled with the final result which is all that matters in the end.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

WIP: Space Wolves "Runic Mountain" Bases

I finished the stone on the Secret Weapon Miniatures bases I am basing this Space Wolves commission on. They dark grey will be drybrushed with a couple of different lighter greys and then given an earth-toned pigment wash to simulate dirt. After the models are pinned to the bases, I will go back and add snow effects.

The stone was accomplished by priming the bases white. I then dabbed various colors of oil paint (umber, grey, brown-black, green, sienna) in a random pattern on the stoney areas and proceeded to mix all of the paints together. While the paint was still wet, I took an old t-shirt and wiped a majority of the oil paint away, leaving the mixed colors in the nooks and crannies. I dipped a rag in some white spirit to wipe away even more paint to let more of the white base coat show through on the more prominent edges.