Monday, March 30, 2015

Showcase: Blue Squadron B-wings

These Blue Squadron B-wings were painted for a fellow member of NOVA Squadron. This was a full repaint but I didn't strip the existing paint because I don't find it necessary. I primed the model with Tamiya Surface Primer and then gave it a basecoat of Tamiya Flat White (XF-1) and Medium Grey (XF-20) mixed 1:1. The blue was achieved by basecoating with RMS Ultramarine Blue, highlighting with RMS Ultramarine Highlight, and then giving it a final highlight of RMS Ultramarine Highlight and VMA Light Sea Blue mixed 1:1. I used various greys for all of the other details before giving the models a coat of Future in preparation for a wash. I used MIG Productions Neutral Wash which is an enamel wash. Enamel washes work a lot like oil washes but the drying time is much faster and when it is dry, it can be wiped away like an oil wash. I also added some streaking with AK Interactive Streaking Grime and Rust Streaks (also enamels). After that had dried, I used some 502 Abteilung oil paint to discolor various panels... the result was pretty subtle and didn't photograph well. After everything was dry, I sealed it all in with some matte varnish. For the engines, I first sprayed the nozzles with VMA White and then sprayed a coat of Magenta Ghost Tint from the Miniatire range. The client was very pleased with them and is looking forward to putting them on the table in the upcoming Regionals!

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  1. Dude. Those look fantastic.

    Having just picked up the starter set I have an even deeper appreciation for you work you put into these.