Sunday, May 6, 2012

First of many [update]

I have made some (read: not much) progress on my Raptors army. I have one scout complete and the rest of the squad near completion.

The main colors are:
  • VMC Camo Olive Green (armor plates)
  • VGC Khaki (cloth)
  • VMC German Beige (body of gun)
  • VGC Bonewhite (Aquila on chest)
  • Citadel Scorched Brown (leather)
  • Citadel Chaos Black
  • Citadel Boltgun Metal
  • SWM Exhaust Black pigment on barrel
Overall, I was please with the way it turned out. I am awaiting the Raptors transfer sheet from Forge World to add some markings. I will also be making some camo netting for the entire squad.

One more to add:

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