Saturday, September 22, 2012

On the workbench

A quick hobby update:

I picked this guy up on Friday and couldn't wait to get some paint on him! This is probably my favorite GW sculpt and this model has been a blast to paint so far. The skin on this nasty is actually pretty complex:
  • RMS Dark Shadow
  • VGC Bronze Fleshtone
  • GW Dwarf Skin
  • GW Elf Skin
  • RMS Moldy Skin (on wounds)
  • GW Orgyn Flesh
  • VGC Purple Ink (in the shadows)
  • SWM Red Black wash
  • GW Elf Skin (zenithal highlight)
  • RMS Dark Highlight (strengthen the shadows)
  • VGC Purple Ink (bruises around the belly wounds)
This is roughly the order I did the skin... and in hindsight, I should have done the skin with the arms attached too. I just hope I can replicate it to some degree when I paint the arms holding his weapon. I hope to have him complete some time early next week. I will loose most of tomorrow because I got tickets to the Redskin's home opener against the Bengals.


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