Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Raptors Progress and Other Things

I have completed the Raptors drop pod and I hope to take some photos of it sometime tomorrow. I feel that it turned out pretty well and it was definitely a learning experience for me since it is the first non-Rhino vehicle I have completed.

Due to another round of winter weather this weekend, I managed to get a significant amount of work done to the Land Raider Crusader. I completed the rusted undercoat and the green top coat along with some black accents. I documented my progress on how I accomplished the undercoat and I hope to put together a nice picture tutorial in the coming days.

In a related note, I accepted a commission from member of DakkaDakka. It originally was going to be a small Warhammer Fantasy Battle dark elf force but my client has asked if I would paint his Imperial Guard battleforce instead. I am looking forward to receiving the models and getting them painted for the client. I also had spoken briefly with the owner of Huzzah Hobbies about my jump in to commission painted and he offered to funnel me work if I desired. I see this as an exciting advancement for me in the world of miniature painting and I'm excited about what the future might hold.

Be on the look out for a more constant stream of updates in the near future!

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