Wednesday, May 25, 2016

WIP: Bandai "Vehicle Model" Star Destroyer

I had some stuff drying so I threw this little Bandai Star Destroyer together and gave it a quick paint job. This model kit is part of their new "Vehicle Collection" which is similar to their Mecha Collection for the Star Blazers anime. They're essentially small box scale models that only cost a few dollars and a simple to build. This model is a little bit over 4-1/2" long.

I primed the model black and then gave it a coat of Tamiya Flat White darkened with a little Light Grey. After that, I cut a bunch of tiny pieces of masking tape to a simple "Aztec pattern" on the hull. Then I lightened the original base color with more white and sprayed the ship. After I pulled the tape off, I felt that the panels were a little too dark so I dusted them with the base color to tone them down a bit. I have a coat of Future drying on it now and then I will give it a light wash to bring out the details. The wash has to be light because if it's too heavy handed, it will throw off the sense of scale. Then I'll matte coat it and pick out some small details with a brush

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