Thursday, August 4, 2016

Sith Planet Super Star Destroyer, Part 1

I've started work on this huge Sith Planet Super Star Destroyer that will be used for games of Star Wars Armada at this year's NOVA Open gaming convention. This is a resin garage kit and it's pretty awesome, but there was significant prep work involved in assembling this behemoth. The worst part was the leading edge trim on the top hull piece; lots of areas were paper thin or just broken off. To fix them, I wound up running .015x.25" strip styrene around all of the leading edges and then filled the voids with Milliput so they could be sanded smooth. There are tons of little air bubbles that I may or may not go out of my way to fill, but I'll be filling the particularly bad ones. I will also be building a base made of out MDF so firing arcs can be drawn on it for use in the game.
This thing is massive!
Front view
First coat of primer on the ventral side


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  3. Whoa that's a massive model. Looks like a ton of work. Any plans to light her up with LEDs?

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