Sunday, September 4, 2016

WIP: Bandai 1/12 R2-D2

The same client that commissioned Luke's X-wing and Poe's X-wing has also commissioned me to build R2-D2, BB-8, and an A-wing. I was particularly excited for this because I absolutely adore Bandai's 1/12 scale droid kits! Considering I was fresh off my build of R2-KT for my personal collection, I started with the lovable Artoo. I decided to go with a complete paintjob on this model, as opposed to KT, where I left the white parts unpainted. For the blue bits, I used Mr Color Blue (5) lightened with a little Flat White (62). The white was done with my custom mix "X-wing white" that I have laying around from all of those X-wings I've done. The dome and other metallic bits were done with Alclad Aluminum and the cables on the feet were painted with Alclad Copper.
"I've got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty!"
After I painted and assembled the droid, I went to work on painting all of the included gadgets. There were done primarily with various Alclad and Vallejo Model Air metallics and then given enamel washes.
With the handful of small decals applied to the dome and the lights painted, I moved on to the first pass of weathering using Mig Productions Neutral wash. This was used for the panel lines and crevices and more earth toned enamels will be added for further weathering.

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