Sunday, December 10, 2017

Flames of War: American Forces in North Africa

I've been rather busy lately, both on and off the painting table. In addition to my nearly complete British 7th Armoured Division army, I've been working on a mid war American army since the new Fighting First sourcebook was released in October. Since I have no self control, I also have a nearly complete British late war army waiting to be assembled and painted. This army will also be based on the 7th Armoured Division and their exploits in Europe along the Western Front, with a smattering of Churchill tanks of the 31st Tank Brigade.

In the meantime, here's an image dump of all of the American goodies I've been working on the past month or two for Flames of War:
M2A1 howitzers and an armored recon patrol

Destroyed M4A1 Sherman objective

Six M3 Lees and five M4A1 Shermans

Command rifle team and five bazooka teams

Armored recon patrol

T28E1 anti-aircraft guns

M7 Priest battery

T30 75mm HMC platoon

P-40 Warhawks

M3 Stuarts

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