Monday, March 1, 2021

WIP: Tamiya ISU-152


I'm continuing my 2021 journey of transforming my Shelf of Doom into the Well of Potential, this time taking aim at this Tamiya ISU-152 that I’ve had laying around for years. 

I painted this model sometime around February 2018, but it was only done in one color (MRP 4BO Green) and had then applied the decals. It stayed that way until this weekend, when I dug it out to reevaluate it. Taking inspiration from Martin's recent video series on his BMR-3M, I attempted a similar "pre-weathering" approach with my airbrush, taking care to work around the rather large decals.

I think it's in a good place at the moment, and this will be followed up with some earth and dust tones to begin the actual weathering.

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