Saturday, August 16, 2014

Paint Rack Upgrade

I decided that my current paint storage solution was wholly inadequate; consisting of three multi-tiered spice racks from Bed, Bath & Beyond and one MDF rack I bought off Etsy. After a quick Google search, I found some good ideas for an upgrade.

 This shelf is 24"x30" and made with 3/16" peg board and 1"x2" boards for the shelves. After building one I quickly realized that I underestimated my storage needs so I took another trip to Home Depot to get the material to build another one. Each rack is about $30 in material cost. After a couple of hours, I had this:

The two racks combine are five feet in length and two feet tall. They are almost completely full but I have a little bit of room for expansion. When I run out of room I'll probably build another similar one and expand upwards. The amount of desk space these racks freed up is staggering; I wish I had built them sooner! For comparison, here is what my desk used to look like:

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