Monday, August 11, 2014

Showcase: Space Marine Stormtalon

Here are some pictures of the a recent commission for a client who is an active duty Marine. He requested his models to be painted to resemble modern armor, so after searching around AFV modeling forums I found Tamiya XF-59 (Desert Yellow) to be a pretty close match to IF armor and decided to go with that. The model was primed white and preshaded with black before the base color of Desert Yellow was applied and all the odds and ends were painted. The interior was painted with VMA Interior Green much in the fashion of WWII-era aircraft and the pilot's armor was painted in MultiCam. The chipping was done with VMA Black and VMA Burnt Umber mixed 3:2 and applied with a piece of torn foam. The streaking was done with 502 Abteilung "Starship Filth" and the soot was done with Secret Weapon Miniatures Engine Exhaust. The most heavily chipped edges were given a rub of Secret Weapon Miniatures Metallic Iron pigment with my finger tip. The effect didn't photograph very well, but it looks great in person.

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