Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Showcase: Cyber-Hobby USS Michigan (SSBN-727)

1/350 USS Michigan; accompanied by a Veteran Models 1/350 SH-60 Seahawk (painted as a USCG MH-60 Jayhawk), Mark 48 torpedo, UGM-96 Trident I ballistic missile, and a custom display stand. Painted for a USN veteran who served aboard her.

The model was roughly 19" long and did not fit into my photo tent so the lighting is not nearly as good as I would like but it will do I suppose.


  1. That turned out fantastically. I really dig what you did with that model.

  2. Thanks man! This thing was a ended up being a real labor of love and I was pretty sad to see it go, but I know it's in good hands.

    Best of all, the fellow I painted it for owns a gun shop in Culpeper, VA and the model will be on display in one of the handgun cases!