Saturday, April 11, 2015

WIP: Cyber-Hobby USS Michigan (SSBN-727), Part 2.5

The brass name plaque I ordered came in the mail today and I think I picked the perfect size to go along with the display base. My special addition to the base will go to the left of the name plaque and the MH-60 Jayhawk will be secured to the right of the plaque.

As I often do when I work overnight, I was poking around various modeling forums and I came across this thread on Scale Model Addict. In it, a modeler is making the USS Maryland (SSBN-738) for someone that served aboard her. In building her, they chose to remove the recessed panel lines that run the length of the boat in order to make it more accurate to the real-life version. I went back and looked at various pictures of the Michigan and other Ohio-class submarines and found this to be correct, as can be seen here:
I've decided that I will also do this to my boat, which actually solves a concern I had with some of the panel lines on the model that I was unhappy with. My initial plan is to use Vallejo Plastic Putty to fill the panel lines and then gently sand them smooth. The putty is acrylic-based and isn't the most durable option available, but is the easiest to work with. If it doesn't turn out well, I'll use Tamiya Liquid Surface Primer which is lacquer based; it's effective but more difficult to work with.

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