Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Showcase: Poe Dameron's X-wing (Black One)

Not a true "showcase" because the base isn't done yet, but it's getting there! I wanted to take a few glamour shots of it while I await the clear rod to arrive from overseas.


  1. Looks good so far even if it isn't finished yet. That the Bandai kit could be painted in this colour scheme ... which you have done superbly here ... makes me wonder if the rumours of a 1/72 black/orange version of Poe's X-Wing all that more confusing.

    1. Poe's version is confirmed, they had it on display at the Tokyo Toy Show with a sign saying it is being released in September! It makes sense because Bandai likes to release kits that take a minimum of hobby knowledge to complete. Plus it's easy because they can reuse the molds and just change the plastic color (they do the same thing with gundams).

    2. I suspected as much. Makes perfect sense, kinda like the Shadow Trooper. :)