Monday, June 13, 2016

WIP: Poe Dameron's X-wing (Black One), Part 3

After the black oil wash had dried, I gave the entire model a satin topcoat using Tamiya Flat Base mixed with Future. I decided to use satin instead of my normal matte because I think it makes the "black" of the ship a little more rich. I might add a few streaking effects and some weathering powders just to add a little more variation in the weathering, but for now I'm calling the majority of the work complete.

The client and I have decided to scrap the supplied base because it's a rather bland and boring desert scene that doesn't fit well when the model is painted in Poe's Black One livery. Instead, I will make a wooden base and paint to match Poe's helmet he's sporting in the Starkiller Base attack during the climax of The Force Awakens. I've also ordered some 3mm clear acrylic rods from Hong Kong to use for the custom base because they fit perfectly in the slot on the model for the supplied base.


  1. Looking good, and neat idea for the base. I know you did a post about future awhile ago but im trying to find the stuff in the uk and the pledge floor care is waxed based is that the right one?

    1. From what I understand, it used to be called "Klear" in the UK but it was discontinued around 2009. S.C. Johnson reissued a similar product called "Pledge Multi-Surface Wax," but it's not really the same stuff that we have here in the States (which is "Pledge Floor Care Multi-Surface Finish"). You might be able to order it from the States via Amazon but I don't know how much it will cost.

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