Thursday, January 19, 2017

WIP: Bandai Slave I (1/144 scale), Part 5

I sprayed the first coat of green, which is the going to be the darker of the two on the hull, over the entire area. It's essentially the Tamiya equivalent of RLM 02 and I made it by mixing RLM Grey (XF-22) and Khaki (XF-49) in a 1:1 ratio with a tiny extra bit of XF-22 added.
Using the studio model as a guide, I applied masking fluid with torn pieces of sponge. Give the nature of the original paint job, no model will ever match it exactly, however, the goal here was to just get close. This color is Tamiya J.A. Grey (XF-14) with a tiny bit of Deck Tan (XF-55) added to it.
After I painted the dark green panels with J.N. Green (XF-11), I did a quick dry fit of the major hull pieces just to see how it looked. I thought that the RLM 02 color was a little dark so I sprayed the entire hull, sans the dark green pieces, with a very thin coat of J.A. Grey to tone them down.
I weathered the wing supports with a handful of MIG enamel washes stippled on with a sponge and then blended into the surface. This was probably overkill because they are barely visible one the "fenders" are added and the entire assembly is inserted into place.
The panel lines were done with a mix of MIG Dark and Neutral Wash, and once everything fully dries it will be sealed with some varnish and further weathering will begin. This will mainly consist of some filters and streaking on the hull, along with some pigments.

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