Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Showcase: Raptors Master of Relics

Since I have some downtime with commissions because of the holidays, I decided to go through my backlog and find nearly complete models and finish them off. Having recently completed my Cadre Fireblade, I moved on to some of my space marines that were collecting dust. I purchased this Master of Relics the week it was released to compliment my small army of Raptors and because it was my favorite if the space marine masters released with the Apocalypse rule book. I feel that this model fits the Raptors aesthetics pretty well and will look great with the rest of my Raptors in my display cabinet. 


  1. Not sure why but the face just screams "Borg" to me. Awesome paint job too man.

    1. Probably because of the grumpy frown, bionics, and pale skin!

      Thanks for the compliment!