Sunday, December 21, 2014

WIP: Cyber-Hobby USS Michigan (SSBN-727)

Now that I finally have some extra time, I'm sitting down to knock out the Dragon Models USS Maryland (SSBN-738) that will be built as the USS Michigan (SSBN-727). The kit doesn't go together all that well; I've had some issues where the missile deck meets the hull and I ended up having to do some minor surgery just to get it set properly. I'll end up needing to add some filler too. I also wound up gluing the diving planes to the sail and filling the seams because there was a nasty gap where they attached. I'm doing the same with the stern planes as well. This will make them immobile, but it will look much better.

As far as painting the model, submarines aren't known for their complex color schemes, which should make it a rather easy paint job. I had planned on doing the black with Tamiya Flat Black (XF-1) and giving it a slight highlight with German Grey. I was also planning on doing the anti-slip walkways with Tamiya NATO Black (XF-69), maybe with a little Neutral Grey mixed in to lighten it.

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