Sunday, December 14, 2014

Showcase: Tau Cadre Fireblade

I painted this miniature just for fun shortly after it was released (so awhile ago!) and it sat on the shelf unbased until recently. I didn't use that special base that was supplied with the model, instead opting to use a piece of cork painted in a desert theme. Admittedly, the base is the weakest part of the entire miniature. I hurried to get it based before the November meeting of my local IPMS club meeting, as I intended to enter it in the model contest. Unfortunately, it didn't win anything (I did take home a first place in the figures category with a Devastator Centurion and a second place in science fiction category with a Fine Molds X-wing). I don't play Tau so I have no use for this model other than to like nice in my display cabinet.

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