Sunday, September 7, 2014

WIP: Fine Molds 1/72 X-wing, Part 4

I finished the tiny decals on the X-wing. In short, they were a total pain and I don't like how they went down. Fine Molds decals are very thick and getting them to lay down smoothly is a pain. I plan on giving them a few more coats of MicroSol and I might even give the model a dusting of the base color to brighten the model a little.

I also added a panel decal that I forgot to paint. That decal went down pretty good but I'm unsatisfied with the color; a few filters and coats of oil paint might fix it though.

On an unrelated note, I caved and bought this little guy:
It is a resin model made by Skyhook Models, a garage shop that specializes in sci-fi models. It's only a handful of pieces and about 11" long when complete. The proportions are a little off compared to the Planet Express Ship in the cartoon, but for $60 shipped I'm willing to live with it.

I also tinkered with the blog layout a little bit and went with something a little more "classy," if there is such a thing.

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